HestiaExchange.com New Loyalty Program Packs a Punch

We understand that the loyalty program helps foster a long-term, positive customer relationship, rewarding customers who buy or engage with the brand over and over again. Today users are more in control of their purchases than ever, thanks to the diversification of the supply of goods and services, this has made consumers more volatile.

Our loyalty membership program at HestiaExchange.com is tiered and ranks users based on their behavior, purchase history, purchase patterns, and commitments to the platform. In this way we determine the benefits that each user can access.

This is why each level allows each user to access the following benefits as explained below

Beginner user will receive — $ 100,000 HET Hestia Token. just checking your email and phone number.

Fan user will receive — $ 500,000.00 HET Hestia Token. Complying with the steps of the beginner user and verifying a document that proves their identity.

Guru user will receive — $ 2,000,000.00 HET Hestia Token, Complying with the steps of the Fan user, stake the $ 80,000,000.00 HET hestia token for a period of 90 days and have successfully made at least $ 500 in exchanges.

Hero user will receive — $ 4,000,000.00 HET Token Hestia Complying with the steps of the Guru user and stake the $ 110,000,000.00 HET Token for a period of 90 days. and have successfully made at least $ 1,000 in exchanges.

As you can see, our rewards program is very well structured and focused on benefiting all users who decide to join us, we want everyone to find in hestiaexchange.com an ally with whom we can grow together.

That’s just another step on our journey . Stay tuned!

The HestiaExchange.com Team

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